Understand your Astrocartography


There are no bad planets nor bad planet lines. The planets are your friend and are here to help you!

In this 2-hour recorded webinar, Ralph guides you on discovering the energies effecting where you live. 

2 hrs. | instant streaming | lifetime access

PRICE: $25

Astro-Bash 2023 Recordings

23 RECORDINGS from the 4-days event including:

Maurice Fernandez: Love, Sexuality, and Spirituality
Cameron Allen: Psychosomatic Aspects of Astrology

Lynn Bell: Why is Mars a Relationship Planet?
Thea Wirsching: Ceres and Our Relationship to Food
Vernon Robinson: Echoes Thru Time: The Astrological Symbolism of the First Slave Ship Chart in the United States
Stan Posey: The Galactic Center as an Initiation path of True Self.
Ralph MacIntyre: Astro-Mapping Past Life Memories
Sheri Horn Hassan: The U.S. 2024 Chiron Return, Presidential Election, & Fight for Women’s Equality in America

and many more (see full list by clicking below)

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